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Your Go-To DIGITAL Concierge Service Travelitis offers access to Digital Information Packages (DIPs) for various cities throughout the world. These DIPs include curated listings of places to eat, drink, party, etc as well as places to visit, and activities. Each recommendation comes with additional information regarding pricing, location, and what to expect. These recommendations have been vetted in-person by the Travelitis team and are not a summary of information found on the internet but a recommendation based on the experience our team

Your DIGITAL Guide to Miami Looking for places to eat, things to do, and nightlife? Check out our vetted list below that includes location, vibe/energy, and costs. We've listed multiple options based on the time of day or type of activity and highly-recommend the options listed below. But remember, your experience isn't just about where you are, it's the vibe YOU bring! Enjoy and please come back to leave a comment on this page or our Instagram page. (@travelitisgroup). Click a