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Digital Concierge – Miami

Your DIGITAL Guide to Miami

Looking for places to eat, things to do, and nightlife? Check out our vetted list below that includes location, vibe/energy, and costs. We’ve listed multiple options based on the time of day or type of activity and highly-recommend the options listed below. But remember, your experience isn’t just about where you are, it’s the vibe YOU bring! Enjoy and please come back to leave a comment on this page or our Instagram page. (@travelitisgroup). Click a button below for more information.

Little Hen

(3451 NE 1st Ave Suite 100/102, Miami, FL 3313716)

Location/Area: Downtown • Vibe: Chill • Cost: Moderate

Breakfast/ Brunch Restaurant | Little Hen | Florida


  • Le chic

Rusty pelican
American Social

Dirty Rabbit


Wood Tavern

Watr at the 1 Hotel




Chances are, if you’re in Miami you may want to rent a boat or do a boat tour. These two sandbars are the most popular in the Miami area and feature plenty of boaters (and their “crews”) that come to party on the water. By themselves the sandbars are a great photo opp, but put you and your friends (and a few drinks) together with a sandbar and boom, it’s party time!

Haulover Sanbar

Nixon Beach Sandbar