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Disclaimer: This is applicable to US Citizens ONLY By now most people have probably heard the term REAL ID. Some people have already gotten theirs (kudos to you), some have started the process, and some have brushed it aside to address later (don't wait too long). While we can't give you all the ins-and-outs of what's really behind REAL ID, what we can do is give you an idea of how it will impact your traveling (if you let it). Here's the

One of the most common things we see while traveling (especially when staying at an all-inclusive resort) is someone drinking too much and ruining a day (or more) of their trip. We all love to have a cocktail (or two, or three) while we’re on vacation, it’s part of the feeling of being care-free and treating yourself. And drinks pair well poolside or on the beach! But we have seen far too many instances where someone drinks just a little –

Let’s be honest, everybody THINKS they are too good to fly Spirit. But nobody (unless rich, wealthy, or otherwise financially free-spirited) is above flying Spirit. The first time I flew Spirit was on a flight to Miami (I mean ummmm, Fort Lauderdale). The flight costs $60 round-trip (yes, you read that right)! It was during the week, a Thursday until Saturday. At that time I was working in a role where you could “work from home” pretty much when you wanted

Picture this, you’re on your way back from a vacation somewhere outside of the United States. There are a few hundred people walking quickly to get to Customs so they start their trek back home. About 90% of the people on your flight get into one line to get through Customs but you notice that there are few people going to those kiosks to the side then walking up to an almost empty (separate) Customs line, talking to the Customs

If you’ve been to this website before or have had the pleasure of traveling with us, you probably know that we specialize in group travel. For those of you that don’t really know what we mean by specializing in “group” travel, here’s the deal… When we first started this business, the inspiration came from a group fundraiser we attended that just so happened to be a group cruise. The goal of the cruise was to raise money for a non-profit organization