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Drinking on Vacation: A Survival Guide

One of the most common things we see while traveling (especially when staying at an all-inclusive resort) is someone drinking too much and ruining a day (or more) of their trip.

We all love to have a cocktail (or two, or three) while we’re on vacation, it’s part of the feeling of being care-free and treating yourself. And drinks pair well poolside or on the beach! But we have seen far too many instances where someone drinks just a little – or a LOT – too much on their vacation. With that in mind, we wanted to offer up some of our recommendations on how to manage drinking day and night on your next vacation.

Recommendation #1: Pace and Space!

Ok ok, we know you love those margaritas, the daiquiris, the beer, the rum punch, et al. BUT, make sure you aren’t crushing 3 drinks in a half hour because well, it’ll catch up to ya! Also (and we know people hate to hear this), drink water. I have to admit that I hate even thinking about drinking water while I’m at the pool car knocking back rum-n-cokes, but it helps! Make sure you give yourself some time in-between drinks (even if you’re a drink “babysitter”) and have a cup of water every hour at least.

Recommendation #2: Day Drinking AIN’T for everybody!

Time and time again, we see people that get SUPER LIT by 3pm. Next thing you know they are passed out on a beach chair or even worse, being helped to their room by their friends. Don’t be THAT guy/girl! Yes, it’s Happy Hour somewhere but you’re next FEW HOURS might not be that happy!  Also, it takes away from your friends’ vacations when they have to worry about if you’re gonna puke all over the room or if you have alcohol poisoning! See Recommendation #1 for advice on avoiding this situation.

Recommendation #3: Don’t Binge Drink your way to a LOST DAY!

“It’s vacation, we drinking, we partying!!!” Or some combination thereof, maybe even from wake up till we hit the sack. But go too hard and you might end up hungover to the point of not being able to function the next morning. And who wants to wake up to a day in paradise and not be able to enjoy it? There’s not much worse than going from having a wonderful vacation to being so hungover that you need an IV to go with the trashcan beside your bed. DON’T DO IT!

Recommendation #4: Stay in Your Liquor LANE!

Just because you’re on vacation does not mean you should start doing tequila shots when you know that’s something you wouldn’t do at home! Especially not after you’ve been drinking all day! Or for some, don’t start doing shots period if you don’t normally drink shots. It could end badly! If you love vodka and hate rum… Why drink rum punch all day on vacation? Stay in your lane, please!

The last few tips we have are common knowledge for some and hopefully new and helpful to others.

  • Bring some Pedialyte if you plan on drinking heavily
  • For those into supplements, pack milk thistle
  • Listen to your body! Most of us know when we’re lit. And when your body tells you this it’s probably a sign that you need to chill out a bit because the next drink is going to put you over the limit.

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